Types of Telepathy in Mentalism

When we think of telepathy we often think about our favorite sci-fi shows with extra-terrestrials, superheroes, and villains with telepathic chilies; but its much more than that once we break down the word. Telepathy comes from the Ancient Greek word “tele” meaning “distant”. Pathos means, ” passion” “feeling” or “experience”. Put the words together and we get “Distant passion”, Distant feeling” or ” Distant experience”. The telepathy that is practiced today is used by people who perform mentalism. Basically, It when a person has the heightened awareness to transfer information from one person to another; without using in worldly devices, is considered to be telepathic. Fredric W H Myers founder of the Society for Psychical Research is the one that came up with the name in 1882. Every since then the term telepathy has grown in popularity. There is a large amount of people who feel that telepathy is a real phenomena, but there is no scientific evidence that shows that it can actually happen. Bear in mind, just because there is no scientific evidence, does not mean that it’s not phenomena that can be executed by a person that is 100% aware. Learning mentalist based telepathy will allow you to to learn how to read minds, in a sense/

To go even further, we must understand that there is more than one type of telepathy. Actually, there are 4 types of telepathy known to people that research ESP. 1. Latent Telepathy – This is when a person can mentally send and receive information but in a time-delayed fashion. 2. Intuitive Telepathy – This is when a person can send and receive information about the past, present, and future. 3. Emotional Telepathy – This is when a person can send and receive information in the form of feelings or emotion. 4. Superconscious Telepathy – This is when a person can go deep down into their subconscious and gain supreme wisdom from their inner being. This is the ultimate state of awareness. So the next thing would be is how does someone become telepathic? 1. Telepathy is not a physical thing. It can not be controlled by force. One would have to go into a relaxed state while letting go of any physical attachments whether it’s physical, emotional, or mental. It is being able to go into a deep meditative state; kind of like a trance state. 2. Once you have reached a relaxed meditative state, you have to allow your inner energy, Chi, Prana, or Qi to naturally move through your body unblocking and activating all your chakras. Once your Inner energy is radiating it will be easier to become more sensitive to energy coming in and out of your body. 3. Now that you have reached a pure form of consciousness you can gently allow whatever thoughts, emotions, or feelings to leave or come into your space. Telepathy is not something that can be achieved overnight; even though some seem to have been born with the ability. With time, practice, and patients it may be possible that you can also have the ability of telepathy. A good place to start would be the study of Hatha Yoga to learn how to breath, relax your body, and activate all 7 of your Chakras; giving you the ability to go deep into your subconsciousness to the point where you will be able to receive and send information.

Learn Just How to Shoot a Basketball

Growing up I was always taller than the other kids. That meant when it came to basketball I would play a forward instead of a point guard. For those who have never played the game, a forward is one of the taller guys who gets the rebounds for the outlet. You often get fouled so my coach taught me how to shoot a basketball the most effective way. Coach Tom was quite the blessing because I made so many free-throws because of him. We won several games alone due to our free-throw abilities. Being confident enough to step to the line, knowing in your mind these are free points. He also has a vert shock review you might consider reading. It goes over specialized ways to jump higher.

After the game coaches would even shake our hands and tell us about our free-throws. It was all thanks to Coach Tom teaching us these drills and making us shoot them before practice ended that day. After games we would sit in the locker room and look at analytics for the game. Something we didn’t have to go over was free-throws because if you took all the points away from them then we would of lost a majority of our games. A lot of coaches like to say that the game is won at the free-throw line.

Granted having good players and drills and good coaching never hurts. I know some teams even told their players not to foul us because of how our coach taught us how to shoot a basketball. I don’t think many teams could honestly say they beat us because of something other than just simply being better. In some cases the players were taller, faster, and even stronger. We still managed to beat them all because of foul shots and good team chemistry. In the end nothing beats good coaching and practice. When it comes down to it learning how to shoot a basketball was the best mistake I ever made.

how to shoot a basketball

How to Shoot a Basketball