Add Glamour to Your Home Decor

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Classic Antique Carpet

Antique carpets and rugs can add glamor to any home or office. They speak highly about your extravagant tastes. Antique carpets and rugs are solid art investments which provide your home beautiful furnishings. Antique carpets and rugs are more than decorations for homes, they are traditions and class that date back thousands of years.

The harmonious rich antique colors, motifs, and intricate weaving is represented in antique carpets. The beautiful designs of the carpets and rugs will cause you to get lost in their beauty.

During your shopping venture for antique carpets and rugs, you will find many are of Oriental origins. Many of the designs of the antique carpets and rugs display the mysteries and legends of the Orient.

China, Afghanistan, Turkey, Caucasus, India, and Persia have exported many of the antique carpets and rugs found in the United States. The most pronounced areas for the beautifully woven carpets have originated from Kashan, Agra, and other such locals.

The carpets and rugs have their own artistic integrity due to being hand woven. The antique carpets and rugs will be quite expensive due to being hand crafted. Many people are willing to pay the price for such exquisite work.

Before purchasing an antique carpet or rug, you should contact a reliable, genuine art dealers and galleries who have a knowledgeable staff on antique carpets and rugs. These antique carpet and rug dealers can help you in your selection for the perfect one.

You can visit with carpet and rug dealers to gain more of an education on the styles of weaving, design quality, dyes, and wools. You will want to touch the carpets and rugs and scrutinize them. There are carpet and rug dealers who will pass synthetic machine made carpets and rugs off as antiques.

It’s important to remember these rugs are fragile. Picking the proper cleaning products is vital to ensure your antique carpet isn’t ruined.

Tips For Buying Antique Carpets and Rugs

Tip One: Analyzing Antique Carpets and Rugs

Remaining careful and thoughtful during the analysis of each piece of antique carpet you look at.

Tip Two: Origins and Ages of Antique Carpets and Rugs

Understanding the ages and origins of the antique carpets will give you a better insight on the overall quality of the pieces.

Tip Three: Antique Carpet and Rug Borders

Be aware of the edges and borders. The edges and borders of antique carpets should be in tact. On occasion the edges and borders of antique carpets are lost or cut off the carpets on purpose. You will need to keep in mind that the edges, borders, and fringes will determine the overall cost of the antique carpet.

Tip Four: Antique Carpet and Rug Damage

There are times when antique carpets have wear and tear from use and moth damages if they are kept in storage. Make sure the person you are purchasing the antique carpet from attends to the damages before you buy the piece.

Tip Five: Reputable Antique Carpet and Rug Dealers

You will want to deal with a reputable antique carpet dealer who will stick by the prices they have marked on their carpets.

Do not let another day go by if you are wanting to purchase an antique rug or carpet. Most of all educate yourself about antique rugs and carpets.