Survival gear is one of the most basic item that an adventurous person or mountain climbers should have knowledge of.This is because it contains very important items for survival in the dangerous wilderness. These items are all very important since each of them has very important role in aiding you in case of any emergency. This survival gear should contain medical items, food and shelter items, the lighting items and many more items.

Below are some of the most best survival gear items to have in your bug out bag:

1. Sleeping Bag

It is of very much necessity to ensure that if you are going on an adventurous hike,you carry a waterproof sleeping bag in your survival gear.This sleeping bag should be in a position to give you warmth as well as protect you from cold.

2. Medical Items

This is another very important item which is a must include in your list of survival gear. Ensure that you pack a first aid kit which will be very useful in case of any emergency. These medical items should include a bandage,sterilizing spirit,a sterilized medical knife.All these items are very important in ensuring that your health is okay all the time in the wilderness since you can be able to treat any wound that you may have.

3. Hygienic Food and Water

Food is a very basic item which is very important for survival in the wilderness.You should ensure that you carry with you very healthy and the most recommended food.Ensure that the food is not perishable and it can last for at least many days.The water should be free from chemicals and healthy to the user.

4. Lighting Items

Another item that you should include in your survival gear is the lighting materials such as lamp and a torch.You should make sure that all these lighting materials are waterproof.This will ensure that they will be in a position to provide light for a long time without them getting destroyed.It is very important that you should also ensure that you carry some extra original batteries so that you do not run out of light in case the batteries dies.

4. Hygienic Items

It is very important to include toothbrush,toothpaste,a comb,a mirror and an anti-mosquito soap in your survival gear.These are basic items which you should have so as to keep your health at par.They should be kept in a waterproof pack so as to keep germs away.

5. Protective Materials

These are another very basic items for a surviving victim to have in the wilderness.Ensure that you carry a knife,a licensed sling so that you can be fully armed in case of danger.This will help you protect yourself in case you encounter hostile animals or hostile people in the wilderness.

6. Navigation And Warning Materials

It is very important to ensure that you have maps,whistle,compass and some head lights.These maps are very important since they will help you locate the place you are heading to, or where you have come from.The compass is another very important item to show you direction on where you are heading to.A whistle is also an important item, which will help you produce some warning in case you encounter a hostile situation or you are attacked.These items are a must include in your survival gear.

In case you are planning on a mountain climbing adventure or you are an adventurous person,it is very important that you should include the above listed items in your survival gear for safety.This will help you be in a position to survive in the wilderness for a long time.It is important to check on their website for more information on the cost of each of these items.